Our Story

Aubergini is born as a consequence of dissatisfaction and a burning desire to come up with a better food. In a way our story is comparable to that of the remarkable Lamborghini. Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini, a tractor builder after the Second World War, founded Lamborghini because he wanted to build a good touring car to compete against the cars of makers such as Ferrari.

Why Aubergini

We dicided to bring Aubergini to life because we had a low rate of satisfaction whenever we went out for dinner or lunch or almost every time we ordered fast food. Oftentimes we would go to a qualitative restaurants we had to wait too long for our meal. Sometimes the food was good but the service was low including waiting too long for our meal. When you have a busy schedule or small kids around waiting for food becomes unaffordable no matter how damn good the food is. Sounds familiar? 

Feel energized

Almost 8 out of 10 times we ordered fast food we were sorry why we did that to our body, feeling heavy, exhausted, thirsty and unsatisfied whispering we would never do that again. However, as there were not differentiating alternatives- at least accessible for us- we ordered fast food again after a while with the same unhappy feeling as consequence. We believe food should flow fresh energy to our body rather than feeling unhappy, low, and moveless. Then we thought whatever we would come up with, should be energizing.

That one Summer day

Things remained pretty much unchanged and we cooked more often at home. However, we realized that sometimes we were not at home on time or we just wanted to order something to eat instead of cooking on our own every time. Cooking more often by ourselves accelerated our cooking skills. At the same time we were missing going out from time to time.

One Summer day back in 2018 we thought we would not be the only ones having such a challenge. So we decided to come up with a proper answer. The answer would then be tasty fresh healthy food for which you do not have to wait too long. Important for us were increasing quality of the food as much as possible and reducing time to wait for the food tremendously. 

Started at the Pinnacle of Covid-19

This was not everything. We started shaping Aubergini at the pinnacle of Covid-19. We signed the contract for our first location in March 2020. We made plans for Aubergini, while almost everyone we talked with discouraged us for doing so. They said things like, “Wow, this is such a bad idea.”, “Really? A restaurant? Now that restaurants go bankrupt?”, “This is suicide man.” … . 

Truth be told, all of these nagative thoughts made us hesitate from time to time. However, deep down while fearing worst case scenario, we kept faith in our plans and pushed through. And we are very grateful we did.


And this is how we gave birth to Aubergini.


See you soon in person!


Who the hell is the Founder?

If you wondered who the hell Aubergini’s founder is, here he is with his own word.

“Hi there, first, thanks for visiting Aubergini.

Well, let me start with saying that I am actually not a professional cook. Even better, I’ve never worked in a restaurant before. I am a leadership author and a business consultant. I deliver leadership talks on demand and help (food) companies to optimize their chain and or processes.

My name is Hamid Safaei, married with Azadeh who actually is a much better cook than I am. Azadeh has been a great source inspiration for me. We both love cooking and can stay in our kitchen for hours. We have two lovely sons, Arwin and Tiam. By building Aubergini we trust we  contribute to a healthy diet for our sons, the current and coming generations”

So, that’s us. Who are you? Looking forward to welcoming  you at our first location in Amsterdam.”

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