We Are Aubergini

Aubergini, as the name whispers it, is a plant-based healthy concept. Our cuisine is committed to serve fresh healthy food for which you do not have to wait long. We use a lot of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts to make finger licking tasty healthy meals for you.

Aubergini is the place to be for unique aubergine based dishes plus many more healthy ones.

Our goal

The future is plant-based. We are  the desired cuisine for all auber lovers and the ones who want to eat plant-based particularly tasty dishes made out of aubergine and other nutritious vegetables and fruits.
Our goal is to provide nutritious healthy tasty food in a sustainable way.

Most Wanted in Amsterdam

Beating avocado Aubergine became the most consumed vegetable in Amsterdam in 2020. So, we offer Amsterdammers a place to eat what they love.

Reserve a table and or order your favorite dish online. 

Currently we’re open for lunch and dinner with our a la carte menu. 

We open on demand for early birds (groups) who are looking for a unique breakfast. 

We aim to become the one-stop cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We deliver in Amsterdam and Amstelveen for large groups. For individuals we are happy to serve you via our delivery partners. 

A Few Words About Us

We are a Fresh Healthy Food cuisine

We use fresh ingredients to make finger licking good food.

We make fresh drinks and smoothies ourselves, be it flat or sparkling water, forester, mangorita, very berry or green juice. 


Our Food Policy

Our Food Policy is pretty straight forward: Fresh Healthy Food. We do not use whatever harms your body as far as possible. We believe eating and drinking should bring joy, happiness, and feeling energized rather than feeling you need to do a nap to feel OK after your meal. Food needs to be tasty and yet healthy, fresh and pretty including daily nutritious needs that our body requires. When you consume our food you will feel grateful and happy with no guilt.

Aubergini is born to provide nutritious healthy and yet tasty food using fresh ingredients. We eliminate use of fats, sugar, and conserved ingredients wherever possible. 


Our Core Values

Your health our care:  When we create our products the guiding principle is that we provide tasty healthy and nutritious food. 

Towards zero sugar: We use natural ingredients such as dates to eliminate usage of common sugar. 

Sustainable sourcing: We use circular ingredients and environmental friendly packaging e.g. paper based packaging as a part of our responsibility. As such we source locally as far as possible.