Looking for an amazing place to eat and drink guilt free? Catering or Events?

Looking for an amazing place to eat and drink guilt free? Catering or Events?

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Breakfast Sessions, Management Team Meetings, Promotion Celebrations, Happy Hours, Bachelor Parties, Birthdays, Catering on demand, cocktail/mocktail hour, you name it. Our agility combined with a self-motivated team have allowed us to quickly do the math and make an on-demand package for you.  We offer Economy, Comfort, and DeLux packages. We have served groups from 10 EUR to 75+ EUR per person to make many souls happy. 

We have had the pleasure to provide Aubergini’s unique food and drinks for groups both in the private and public sector. Beautiful names such as Boston Consulting Group, ABN Amro, Accenture, Addidas, Real State companies, and Municipalities have experienced our Healthy WOW effect before. In for the Healthy WOW effect too? The best way to explore the possibilities is connecting with us by filling out our contact form in which you briefly explain how we can serve you.

From 50 to 300+ people

Our location Amsterdam RAI can host 50 to 70 people pending on the setup of the group. In the summer time we can host 120 people.


For larger groups up to 300+ people we have partnered with event centers and hotels. In Feb. 2023 we served 150 people from Addidas with our home made drinks Forester and Fresh Orange. We have continued to work with Julie, Camille, and Margaux. On Addidas’ event Margaux said:

 “Thank you for delivering on time (even earlier than planned); it’s always great for us to be able to count on our partners….”

As another example, we were honored to provide a customer of Ralf, a group of 105 people staying at Nhow Hotel Amsterdam, with lunch and drinks in July 2022. Here is what he said:

“…thanks for your support. My customer had a fantastic time in Amsterdam, and all was good. Wish you all the best for your business! Ralf”


Another example is Caroline from France who booked us for 65 people. Images with her permission tell everything! After the event (21 Oct. 2022) Caroline wrote to us in French:
” Thank you, everything was perfect. Our group enjoyed it.”


Life is too short to worry. Enjoy it to the full!


Our offer

We are the top ranked next level 100% plant-based Fast Fine Dining formula with the promise Fresh Healthy Food. We are committed to do our bit to make our planet a better place to live in. We have designed our food and drinks using natural ingredients in a way that you can consume whatever you wish guilt free. We use (organic) fresh ingredients wherever possible including high quality ingredients such as sesame oil, coconut-based cheese to offer exclusive WOW experience. All warm food come out of our amazing oven except our Better Balls that simply don’t work in the oven. We have highly ranked gluten-free options. We’re free of dairy, lactose, and meat. We are rubbish free as we avoid added sugar, canned food, and highly processed ingredients as far as possible.

We have the following categories:

Bowls and Salads including the mind-blowing Aubergini PokeBowl and our popular House Salad.

Burgers and Wraps including our popular Grilled Aubergini Wrap and our unique Vegan Buerger, the best Burger ever according to recuring customers and many customers reviews.

Quesadillas, even Mexicans love it saying, WOW, this a different one.

Sides such as Nachos Mountain and Better Balls, maybe we have to call them best balls:-). This is what we hear from customers.

Sweets, we claim we have the best Vegan Gluten-free, lactose free, nut-free, and rubbish free brownie in the town. Wanna try it? About our apple pie, people say: Over the Moon!

Drinks, soft ones incl. Forester, Mangorita and Green Cleanser with the crown carrier our GingerLime that simply WOWs our customers.

Aperitives, (organic) Wine and Beer include the organic wine selections from Lunaria (Italy) and that of Gérard Bertrand (France). We make both cocktails and mocktails with champagne, prosecco or cava. Not on the menu as we want to keep it exclusive, but for groups we make an exception to WOW you with our very own Red Heaven, based on fresh pomegranate.

Coffee and Tea, we use Portioli coffee that manually select beans with Italian quality of a family company. Our Teas include Rose & Cardamom, Ginger & Orange, Mint tea and Earl Grey for diehard tea lovers.

Gluten Free?

No worries. We got your back. We have a complete set for our lovely customers who prefer gluten free food and beverage. Our Poke Bowl, House Salad, Daily soup, Green Salad, Nachos, and Vegan Brownie are several examples. And the drinks? No problem at all, we have enough options including Forester and Mangorita. Gluten intolerant? We do our best, but we cannot guarantee avoiding cross contamination as we have only one kitchen.


As an agile company we can tailor our offer literary for each group. Is it meant for a business event, a friends or family gathering, a birthday or a bachelor party, we have served them all. Believe it or not, we are booked for groups from Germany, France, Sweden, UK, States and other countries. Oh yeah, The Dutch? Of course, Aubergini is their home second home.

Prefer to work with a budget? No worries, we got your back. We offer economy, comfort and de Luxe packages. Possibilities are endless varrying from 10 EUR to 100+ EUR per person pending on your choices.

Pending on the weather we can accommodate 50 to 150 people in our place. Inside the restaurant we can serve 50 people per event. Our sunny terrace has room for 150 people. The only challenge is that the sun does not follow our orders every time:-)

Prefer inside and for a large group? We partner in this case with hotels and accommodation centers in our neighborhood. We either deliver the food as catering or help with serving during the event. Please connect with us to explore possibilities.


Aubergini’s bar, loaded with fresh and natural vitamins.


Aubergini’s green wall, reduces 85 k CO2 per annum.


Cheers to you!