Sr Product Design and Developer

As Sr. Product Design and Developer at Aubergini, you are responsible for the technical aspects of product development. You’ll work with our team of engineers, chefs, and exploitation staff to create prototypes, test products and ensure that the final product meets all requirements. From a technical perspective, you’ll get to be deeply involved in every stage of the product development process from idea to market. Following the product roadmap, you’ll help deliver new features and products. You’ll also work closely with our marketing team to ensure that the products we launch are technically sound and meet customer expectations. You’ll also get to be involved in product research and development. Under the guidance of your senior manager, you’ll be the driving force in designing, developing and bringing our new products to market!

Your qualification

Although we are a new concept and think differently compared to the traditional way of hiring, however we still need to measure your level of thinking and working, experience and expertise based on some criteria. The following are the most important:

  1. Preferably 2 or more years of experience in product design and development in hospitality.
  2. Experience in working with teams in designing and developing new products.
  3. Ability to move directions towards new trends and developments in food products.
  4. Hospitality work experience as chef cook or restaurant manager.
  5. Academic education in fields such as management or psychology or alike enriched by relevant food specific trainings and courses.

Ideal candidate

The ideal candidate has walked the journey in hospitality and or food development from operational work to food development. The food designer/ developer has preferably marketing experience.

What you will be doing

Your job is including the following aspects:

  1. Thinking, designing, developing and deploying new products and services in line with employer’s business strategy and healthy food trends from idea scratches to finished products.
  2. Design processes to test foods for flavour, texture, smell, appearance, and shelf life.
  3. Planning, organizing and overseeing process or production trials both in labs and in our exploitation locations to test the new products with real end customers.
  4. Making improvements or modifications to current development and production processes.
  5. Formulating new production processes or stages within processes.
  6. Using design models to develop manufacturing processes.
  7. Generating ideas for new products and researching feasibility in terms of profitability, resource availability and compliance with regulations.
  8. Staying up-to-date with products and industry trends on the market
  9. Recording and analysing data throughout product development life-cycle.
  10. Presenting results to colleagues, senior managers and end customer both B2B and B2C as well as during exhibitions in which Aubergini participates.
  11. Investigating and testing new equipment aiming to simplify production and exploitation processes.
  12. Liaising with engineering, research, technical and/or production staff when it comes to improving current and developing new products.
  13. Developing and supervising junior staff including technicians.
  14. Keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments.
  15. Product development professionals are often responsible for supervising a number of projects at once.
  16. Find new ways to preserve food and improve the manufacturing process.
  17. Figure out any issues with a food item and find ways to fix them.
  18. Work with quality assurance and exploitation teams in business locations to make sure our products are up to standard.
  19. Discuss findings with senior management.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Permanent

Salary and secondary conditions: Competitive, according to the Dutch standards. 

If you see yourself in this mirror,  please send your CV and motivation to